No German musician manages to reproduce the Jamaican attitude to life as authentically as Reggae-A-List ambassador Gentleman. With "Blaue Stunde," the Cologne native released a German-language album in 2020 for the first time in his 20-year career.

Since his youth, Gentleman has been a reggae convert and dancehall prodigy. He lives what he sings about and has done so for many years. Storytelling at its best. He proves this also on "Blaue Stunde", on which his personal input, stories and thought processes are reflected.

But Gentleman is not only an eloquent songwriter, but also an excellent showman.

His concerts sweep everyone along, regardless of age and background - music that unites. Since the beginning of the noughties, he has thus been almost constantly in international tour & festival mode, playing tirelessly to large, dance-loving crowds.


His home is Kingston, his origins are in Sicily. In Italy he was a celebrated reggae star, but in 2001 it became too crowded for him there. He said ,,Arrivederci!", packed his bags and moved to the Caribbean. With talent and a lot of flair, the multi-instrumentalist, who writes and produces almost all his riddims himself, started an international career from there. Then, in October 2011, he deservedly won the MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act. And since Alborosie is someone who likes to think outside the box, not only musically, he takes us on a little musical journey around the world and through time with his band Shengen Clan. In 2015, "Dub Of Thrones" was released in collaboration with King Jammy - a milestone in the fusion of dub/reggae. In May 2016, his latest work "Freedom & Fyah" was finally released - according to Alborosie, strongly influenced by dub, but also dubstep and electronic elements. In addition, he provides us with uncompromising Rasta lyrics, which are of special intensity due to his life experiences in Europe and in Jamaica.


The man of the first hour has dominated the reggae charts for decades, with unforgettable anthems like, "Jah Jah City", "Woman mi Lotion" "#1 on pon The Good Look Chart"
Capleton started his career as a reggae and dancehall deejay in 1990 and is now one of the biggest and most famous reggae artists on this planet.
Capleton scored his first major success with the song "Tour", which was also featured on the US charts as part of a hip-hop remix.
In 2000, he reached another milestone in his career with the anthem "Jah Jah City." By the end of the 80s, Capleton had earned his spurs on Jamaican dances and was making a name for himself. One hit followed the next, as well as several albums.
If you've ever seen Capleton live, you know his irrepressible live performance. Capleton is 'hot', his music blazes, contains spiritual, musical and wordy fire. We can look forward to an explosive and energetic live performance.